The Total Solar Eclipse of July 22, 2009 in China


Flash spectrum   -   Lunar shadow   -   Air Temperature


Robert Nufer


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Original picture of the flash spectrum at 3rd contact.



Camera setup for the flash spectrum: Canon 400D equipped with a 200 mm tele lens and a 60 Glass prism (6x6 cm).



The preliminary interpretation of some of the emission lines at 3rd contact was performed according the automatically created line table in the online article DADOS/flashdados.htm by Manfred Rudolf.




Wide angle sky view after the 3rd contact. The lunar umbral shadow is visible in the lower (eastern) part of the sky.



Sequence (time interval 20 seconds) of the disappearing lunar umbral shadow.



The setup for the wide angle sky photography. The camera (Epson PhotoPC 3100Z) has a built-in self timer (Interval 10 seconds).





Air temperature during the solar eclipse near Wuhan/China. Due to the clouds, the drop in temperature was only about two degrees Celsius.